Pebble painting

Come try painting on pebbles!


The pebbles have been naturally polished for several years in the currents of rivers and seas. Decorating them is a way of paying tribute to nature and celebrating it.

You can explore the technique of dots painting, mandala or free painting, and drawing with paint markers and sticks, depending on your preferences. Painting on pebbles is a very relaxing activity and it's also addictive.. once you've started you can't stop! 

Dates & place

Next workshops in 2024:

  • 11th of January 18:30-20:00

The workshops take place at Lauwerecht 55, Utrecht.
You can ask for private workshops all the year, from 5 participants.

How does it work?

This workshop is not only aimed to learn to paint on pebbles but also to have fun, and connect with other people.

I will explain you step by step how to proceed. No material and no skills are needed.

⭐️ I will provide all materials : the pebbles (approx 3/ person), the paint, sticks, paint markers, etc.

☕️ 🍪 To keep you up during the workshop, I will provide some cookies and hot drinks. You can bring your own food if you wish.

If you have any question, please reach me at : or via Instagram (@Latelier_de_Pandora) or Whatsapp (+316 14 73 42 00).


Time & Price

This workshop is 30€/ person, and is from 18:30 to 20:00. Workshop will be in English.

Register now : 



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