International Crochet Club Utrecht


Come try crochet for the first time or continue a project you’ve already started!


The International Crochet Club Utrecht is the perfect place to share and develop your passion for crochet (or knitting!). Come with your own crochet project or discover new ones on site.

You can come from 10AM and just sit and crochet / knit with us. If you are a complete beginner, don't be shy, Paula and I (Pandora) will be there to explain you all about crochet. We will guide you through your first steps in the world of crochet by offering you nice projects adapted to your level.

These workshops are organized in collaboration with Paula from Little Yarn Tales. 

Dates & place

This club will take place once a month, on a Saturday or Sunday morning at the 10:00, and lasts approximately 2 hours.

Next dates:

  • Sunday 15 October 10:00 - at the Landhuis (oog in Al Park)
  • Saturday 11 November 10:00
  • Saturday 09 December 10:00

Location: can change depending on availabilities and season.

How does it work?

Come with your own project or find one on site! If you have any question before the club, you can always reach me via Whatsapp, Instagram, or e-mail.

The goal of this club is to exchange tips, advice, and good moments together, in a cozy atmosphere.

If you are a beginner, we ask for a participation fee of 10€ for the yarn we provide and the hooks we lend. We will offer you the opportunity to make your first crochet project, guided step by step by Pandora or Paula. If you later sign up for the 5-lesson crochet program, the 10€ will be refunded to you.

If you are already experienced in crochet, admission is free, and you can always buy materials on site (patterns, yarns, or hooks). You can choose to come with your own project or make one on site according to your wishes. We always have patterns available, adapted to different levels.

Time & Price

  • Free for intermediate and advanced levels

  • 10€ for beginners : for the patterns, the yarn, the crochet hook and explanations.

When the club takes place in a café / restaurant, we ask you to pay for your own consumptions before leaving.

Register now : 

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