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Make your own Flower Wreath

Follow the instructions with the video below or read them:
Congratulations, you're about to make your own flower wreath!

Hello and welcome to L'atelier de Pandora's tutorial! Today, you will learn how to create a beautiful flower wreath with real dried flowers and a bamboo base. You can hang this decorative wreath at home and it will remain intact for many years.

Before we begin, make sure you have the following items at your disposal:
- Wreath kit, including: dried flowers, a bamboo ring, and a string
- Pair of small scissors
- Glue gun (optional)


  1. Start by making several small bouquets, each about 10 to 15 cm long. I recommend making about 4 to 6 bouquets in total.
  2. The bouquets have a front and back side, as they will lie flat on the wreath. Arrange the dried flowers so that they are visible once on the wreath.
  3. Place the bouquets on your table without attaching them individually.
  4. Tie the string to the base of the wreath with a double knot.
  5. Take the first bouquet and place it diagonally on the wreath, with the top of the bouquet on the outside. Wrap the string around the base of the bouquet twice. Tighten it well and leave the string without making a knot.
  6. Position the second bouquet on the wreath, about 3 cm lower than the first one. The top of the bouquet should now face the inside of the wreath. Attach it the same way as the first bouquet.
  7. If you made a total of 6 bouquets, you can now attach the third bouquet in the same manner, with its top facing the outside of the wreath. Continue like this if you want your wreath to be unidirectional.
  8. If you want your wreath to be bidirectional, replicate the previous two or three bouquets symmetrically.
  9. Once all the bouquets are in place, tie a knot with the remaining string to secure it to the wreath. You can also use a glue gun to reinforce the attachment.
  10. To cover the ends of the bouquets and the string, glue additional dried leaves or flowers using the glue gun. Cut the flowers or leaves short and place them on the wreath.
  11. Allow it to dry for a few seconds, and your wreath is ready!


You have just created your own dried flower wreath. You can now hang it to add a touch of beauty to your home. Remember to handle the wreath with care due to the fragility of dried flowers.

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