Team Building

The perfect workshop to build a team vision and strengthen your team's spirit
Do you want to do something out of the ordinary with your team?
Do you want to use creativity in order to build a strong team vision?

If you answered "Yes" to one of these questions, the Team Building Workshop is made for you!

During this 2-hour workshop you will develop your team's vision using the vision board method. This vision board will allow you to work in a fun and creative way as a team, but also to set goals together.


What is a vison board?

The vision board, or dream board is, as its name suggests, a visual collage in which you will express your wishes, desires and your dreams for the near future. These dreams can encompass career, family or hobbies. They can depict a concrete event or a more abstract general direction. The more precisely these are expressed, the more likely you are to see them come true. In general, we make a vision board for the year that is about to begin or for the months to come.

For a team, a vison board can help to articulate a desired state in the year or months ahead. It can draw a big-picture and tangible goals to your team but also to each employees. Vision boards are different from a written strategic plan or list of goals. Their beauty lies in visualizing an intended state and using pictures, along with words, to depict both rational thoughts and sub-surface emotions. Vison boards are to be displayed in a visible location so that they continuously remind people of their dreams, keep them focused on achieving their goals, and feed their positive emotions concerning an overall vision.

The reasons you should choose the Vision Board for your team

I created the Team building vision board workshop as an adapted format from the classical workshop. It is well suited to the team building, to build a vision together and at the same time to see each employee's vision, ambitions and piorities for the coming months. 

Through clarity exercises, conversation, and getting creative together employees begin to unlock inner potential. They will design a vision that calls to them. Everyone creates their own Vision Board to take home and attract their ideal outcomes in the months ahead.

We end the workshop by summurizing: each employee get the chance to explain its vision (the one he has for his career and the one he sees for the team). It is a perfect time to get to know each member of your team and to build a strong vision together

Finally, this workshop is...
A time to discover hidden talents and nurture your team to develop skills.
A  great opportunity to connect with your team, have fun in order to build a strong team spirit.
A special slot for everyone in the team to intentionally define their goals and dreams

How does it work?

🗓 Choose the day: you pick up your date and time. If you are a small team (less than 10) you can come to the Atelier for the workshop, or I come to your place with all the material.

🧘 Let it go, you will be guided: I will explain you step by step how to proceed. No skills are needed.

😎 Come as you are: I will provide all the materials for the workshop. You don't need to bring anything but your enthusiasm and motivation. 

☕️ To keep you up, a hot drink is included in the price of the workshop.

Booking details

Duration: 2h30.
Price: 50€/person, minimum 5 person.

Booking is confirmed after payment only. It is possible to cancel until 3 weeks before the workshop, after that a 50% fee will be charged (for the material).  

How to book?


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