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Create from scratch, no skills needed, free your mind !

The thing I hear the most when we talk about creative hobbies is "I'm not skilled" or "I'm not creative".
GOOD NEWS !!! To participate in those workshops you need absolutely NO SKILLS ! I will always show you how to do it, and it doesn't need to be perfect, it even doesn't need to be finished !

The purpose of these workshops is to :
- Develop a creative mind (even if you think that's impossible for you).
- Spend a good time not thinking about anything that worries you.
- Be proud of yourself, by having created something ! 

You can repeat all the workshops at home, and even use some in your everyday’s life. The goal is also to show to everyone how much we are capable of creating our own things, with looking around us and picking the right materials.

How does it work ?

Workshops take place online or in Utrecht (at my place or a place that I will rent, always close by the city center).

When you come to a workshop you don't need to bring any material, unless you want it or it is specified in the event (for sewing machine it can be easier to bring yours because you are used to it).

When it's an online workshop, you will see what material is needed before registering. You can sometimes buy a workshop kit that I will send you.

Feel free to ask me any question before and during the workshops !

My vision

I started these workshops to offer you the possibility to create without being expert in any kind of art. To achieve small projects that make us feel satisfied and happy, without having to buy a lot of things before starting. Also, this is why in the workshops you will not become a professional of these techniques, but you will learn the basics and will probably want to do some more after that.

Creative workshops will show you that your are 100% capable of creating your own objects at home, clothes, decorative things, jewelry, accessories, bags, paints, etc.

We will spend a great moment sharing experiences, stories, and of course some coffee and cakes !


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