Vision Board

Come and create your Vision Board (or dream board) for 2024


The vision board, or dream board is, as its name suggests, a picture in which you will express your wishes, desires and you dreams for the near future.

In this 3 hours workshop you will create your own vision board in order to see your wishes come true this year.


Dates & place

How does it work?

I will explain you step by step how to proceed and we'll all do a vision board in the workshop. The purpose of this day will be to focus on what you wish, to have a great time and to feel empowered !

No material and no skills needed.

⭐️ I will provide all what's needed : magazines, scissors, glue, paper ... If you wish to bring some pictures that you want to add to your vision board please feel free to do so.

☕️ 🍪 To keep you up during the workshop, I will provide some cookies and hot drinks. You can bring your own food if you wish.

If you have any question, please reach me at : or via Instagram (@Latelier_de_Pandora) or Whatsapp (+316 14 73 42 00).

Time & Price

The workshop is 30€/person.

Workshop will be in English and/or French.

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