The Vision Board

What is a vision board/ a dream board?

The vision board, or dream board is, as its name suggests, a picture in which you will express your wishes, desires and you dreams for the near future.

The more precisely these are expressed, the more likely you are to see them come true. In general, we make a vision board for the year that is about to begin or for the months to come. We can put absolutely anything we want in it.

The law of attraction

The vision board is a practical exercise in the law of attraction (The more positive you think, the more positive you attract. The more negative you think, the more negative you attract). It allows us to visualize our objectives in order to achieve them. This is a collage of visuals that represent our goals.

For example, my goal is to eat healthier. I'm going to put images of healthy dishes, vegetables, fruits, but why not also healthy people on my vision board… this will increase the chances of seeing this new healthy habit appear in my life. I will draw him to me.

How to achieve it?

To make a vision board it is important to be quiet, away from everyday life or noise. Do not think too much about your vision board in advance and above all do not set limits on what you want to put in it.

to start the vision board, you can either list the things you want for the coming year for example on a sheet of paper, or simply take random magazines (and of different types) and leaf through them.

You will thus gradually cut out images or words, or even just shapes, which speak to you and attract you.

It is not necessary to always see a meaning in it, sometimes it will reveal itself during the following year!

Be careful, the more specific you are in what you put on your board, the more likely you are to attract it to you, so don't hesitate 🙂

After selecting the images and words that speak to you, you can cut them out and paste them on a large sheet. Add, if you wish, textures, paint, colors, drawings etc. Anything that seems important to you and that you want to attract to you.

Why is it important to display it at home?

Once the vision board has been created, display it in your home. It's important to put it somewhere you'll be looking at every day.

The more you look at it consciously, the more likely you are that these elements will come true. So it is not enough to take a look at it, but really to observe it for a few moments each day.

Coming to a Vision Board workshop

let yourself be carried away by the instructions to build your vision board step by step. During a 4-hour session, you will let your creativity and your dreams shine through.

I'll walk you through the process, and we'll share this sweet moment together.

You will therefore have the opportunity to create your own vision board, by making collages, drawings, writing on a large poster. You can then take it home and display it proudly in a place you come to look at every day. Throughout the following year, you will be able to see and attract these dreams to you.

During the session, you will also share this moment with the other people in the workshop. You can come and help each other if you wish, chat, eat small biscuits and drink coffee or tea. The idea is also to spend a pleasant moment of sharing that cuts you off from your daily life. It will then be easier at this time to let your desires and your dreams speak, without thinking about it too much.


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