Kreadoe: My 5-day Creative Adventure

Get ready to dive into my Kreadoe adventure, a memorable event that took three months of intense preparation. Here's an in-depth look at these five days of wonder, creativity, and passion for crafts.

The Kreadoe experience

Kreadoe, for those unfamiliar with this fascinating event, is a fair dedicated to crafts and DIY. I had the amazing opportunity to participate with my own market stall selling handmade products with my dear friend Paula from Little yarn tales. It was a beautiful adventure shared with my dear friend Paula from Little Yarn Tales. In addition to our market stall, I had a space dedicated to workshops, a true haven of know-how and sharing.

Workshops: a mix of colors, threads, and flowers

With over 250 participants and 50 workshops given, the experience was simply grandiose. I had the opportunity to organize several types of workshops, each offering a unique and enriching experience: pebble painting, crochet initiation, and dried flower creation.

Pebble painting workshop

This was the first time I gave this workshop and it was a great success. Our pebble partner, Blijsteen, had provided us with beautiful little pebbles in advance. So, I was able to prepare the workshops in advance with my mom, who had come to spend three weeks in Utrecht for the occasion (she comes from the south of France). We imagined designs for the workshop, prepared the paints (especially the color mixes), and cut out the sticks that we use for dot painting.

The pebble painting workshops were held every morning from 10:00 to 11:00. However, visitors were asking us all day long if they could participate in this workshop. Given the enthusiasm for this workshop, I am already planning another workshop in January 2024, in Utrecht.

Crochet Initiation

The crochet initiation workshop was a huge success. To ensure individual attention to each participant, I had limited the session to six people.

Participants had the chance to learn the technique of crochet by creating a rectangular coaster, a perfect project for beginners. It allows understanding the basics of crochet: how to mount a chain of stitches, perform a basic crochet stitch (tight stitch), work in rows, finish the project, and cut the thread.

Participants had the chance to learn the technique of crochet by creating a rectangular coaster, a perfect project for beginners. It allows understanding the basics of crochet: how to mount a chain of stitches, perform a basic crochet stitch (tight stitch), work in rows, finish the project, and cut the thread.

Of course, it is difficult to dive deeper in a one-hour workshop. That's why I encourage all participants to continue their crochet learning at the free crochet club that I organize once a month in Utrecht, or during the crochet lessons that I offer throughout the year.

Dried Flower Workshops

Participants had the unique opportunity not only to learn but also to create their own dried flower hair clips and wreaths. This activity allowed them to add a touch of natural beauty to their daily lives, incorporating elements of nature into their creations. For the Kreadoe event, I designed a special edition of these workshops: a condensed 45-minute format, offered at half price compared to traditional workshops.

This gave participants the opportunity to select from a wide range of floral elements: flowers of various colors, pampas, eucalyptus leaves, and much more. Inevitably, the success of these workshops exceeded all my expectations. It was incredibly rewarding to see so many people actively engage and show real interest in the art of dried flowers. I am convinced that the participants will continue to create, using the techniques learned during these workshops to embellish their daily lives.

The market stall: a showcase of creativity

The fair was scattered with numerous market stalls, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere. Our location was in the last hall, hall 7, which meant that we had to cross the entire fair every day. This gave us the opportunity to observe a multitude of market stalls offering an impressive variety of products.

Kreadoe, in particular, was a real paradise for DIY and craft enthusiasts. Everything was there, from wool to stamps, patterns, markers, paint, and DIY books. It was fascinating to see how wide the product variety was, even though most of them were not finished objects.

Paula and I had decided to focus mainly on two types of sales: handmade finished objects and DIY kits. It was a deliberate choice on our part, as we wanted to balance our offer and reach a wider audience.

Looking at the final balance, we noticed that there was not a big difference between the sales of one or the other type of product. However, if we were to look at the details, it would seem that Paula's crochet patterns were more successful in terms of quantity sold.

The experience of having a market stall at a fair is something unique. It offers exceptional visibility and we both greatly appreciated this experience. Unfortunately, I was not able to participate actively in the sale itself, as I was in charge of managing the workshops during this time. However, this experience was just as enriching and I look forward to being able to repeat it in the future.

My Review as an Exhibitor:

Despite the fatigue and long preparation, I can say without hesitation that it's really worth participating in this fair. It's an experience that I highly recommend to anyone who has a passion for crafts and DIY. The sense of community, shared enthusiasm for creation, and the opportunity to meet so many fantastic people make this event an unforgettable experience.

In summary, Kreadoe was a rewarding experience, dotted with unforgettable moments and inspiring encounters. I am looking forward to repeating the experience, and I hope to see you there next year!

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